Overcome Inflation With Informal Financial Education


The world today is information driven, the right information you acquired and the application makes a great difference. According to Chief Chris Uwaje, a foremost Information Technologist, “The next wars to be fought by nations are not about missiles and killing people, but about the ability of nations to excel in knowledge industry”. Join the information trend today, and discover how the little genius that floats around your head can be a ticket to your fame, fortune and a dream come true.

Before now, wealthy people are known by the amount of money they have in their possession or any other valuable tangible things they have, but in today’s world, your mental bank counts. All the most respected companies began their businesses with the right information they acquired and applied. Even they food you eat, or all the products or services you have ever used, or heard about are all the products of information.

The only investment that pays off for you and I, is to invest in ourselves for personal success. We spend much money in our daily needs: feeding and satisfying our thirst, with little spend to acquire the right information that will better our lots. Benjamin Franklin said: “If a man empties his purse into his head, no one can take it from him”. Every other thing may fail us, but our soul food, right information makes our mind and soul, live out the best that it has ever done when we continually focus on increasing the value of our mental bank account. And. No body will ever grow old by merely living a number of years. People are only old when they start deserting their ideas.

Do you know that the solutions to the problems facing mankind today are solved with the right information? For the sake of space, I will only discuss one of the most popular one today – inflation. Prices of everything has gone up. And people are very careful with their spending. Some even started new businesses that never saw the light of the day, and the list goes on.

Unless you acquire the right information on how to make more money to overcome inflation, you will still struggle with inflation. Do you not agree with me that if you want to be a Doctor, you get trained? If you want to be a footballer, you kick football around? If you want to be a musician, you learn how to sing, and to overcome inflation, acquire the right informal information of financial knowledge.

The fact that, there is information everywhere does not mean you feed your mind with everything. Some information may be junk or irrelevant and mind-destructive. It is not for you! Even if you are poor, you can still acquire the right information. You may be limited as a result of lack of money initially, but if you persist, you will get the opportunities to invest in yourself with the right kind of information you ever dreamed off.

Also, make yourself ready for acquiring the right information. Do away with bad ideas and do not be suspicious of the present age informal information on how to better your lots. Do not hold on to certain beliefs or mindsets that are unprofitable. For instance, anytime some people see any young person who is successful or driving past in a very posh car, they will start calling the person abusive names: 419, a witch, et cetera. Such behaviour creates an impression in their hearts that they cannot be that successful in a legitimate way especially while they are still young.

Some people are very successful in life. They are not more knowledgeable than you, but they know what others do not know. And, that is the right information they acquired and applied in the field of their endeavour. You may think that they are more creative than you are-no! Their success has its root on how they do their work, not on what they do.

So many people have deprived themselves of the joys life offers, because they believe they are not successful as the ought to be. They will complain:. “Politicians are successful, musicians, writers, Doctors are successful, but I am not”. The success you desired has absolutely nothing to do with what you do, but it has everything to do with how you do it. So invest in yourself for personal growth.